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Multi Color Patina American Eagle Bronze Sculpture

$5,069.00 USD
6232eb (56604)

This is a beautifully detailed sculpture of the American bald Eagle. It swoops down from the sky and spreads his wings and claws to grasp a nearby branch. He swoops down and is versatile in this method of travel, reaching speeds of 56-70 Kilometers per hour (35-43 MPH) when gliding. His head and tail have a brilliant silver patina, his body a two-tone brown, and his claws and beak a bright gold. He is a magnificent recreation of this powerful creature and the National symbol of the U.S.A. He represents resilience, power, and strength but mostly it represents Freedom. He jumps off of a large broken tree that has a multi-colored patina, his eyes red, and each feather detailed, making it all look extremely realistic. This Bronze using the ancient Lost Wax Method and sitting on a marble base. Bronze Dimensions with Marble Base: Height 37 X Width 19 inches. Weight: 45 LBS.