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Austrian Vienna Pigeon Bronze Sculpture

$1,059.00 USD
971eb (AL170)

As the lonely cute Sparrow stands on one leg, he looks around attentively for someone to save him. Its almost as if his one foot is stuck in the cement and he curls his other leg up to avoid it from getting stuck in the cement as well. Scientists may beg to differ following the theory that birds stand on one leg to conserve body heat energy. The reason for this is that the legs and the head are the only part of the body that is exposed. But if you look closely at this Sparrow the left foot is blended into the block not showing any detail of the claws. While looking at the right leg and the foot the claws are curled and pulled toward his chest. This Bronze piece was crafted using the Lost Wax Method and coated with a dark brown patina highlights of gold.

The gold highlights give dimension to the sparrow and draw attention to the detail of the feathers in the tail and the beak.

Bronze Dimensions with Marble Base: Height 8 X Width 6 inches.

Weight: 4 LBS.